Reflections on 53

Yes! It's the big 5-3 53 and Free To be Me   It's not about where I'm at Where I want to be and all that It's not about what I own or want It's not about What I can or can't No longer what I should or shan't No longer that I must or … Continue reading Reflections on 53


The Road is Being

Driving in Cape Town takes nerves of steel. In fact, a special book has been written for Capetonians which replaces the K53 called the FU Manual and FU2 Manual for advanced drivers. There are very explicit instructions for these drivers such as 1. Never ever use your indicators 2. Use your hazards to rush through traffic … Continue reading The Road is Being

Don’t Catch the Feelzies

Plainly put, a casual arrangement is an interim measure, until you are ready to move on to a proper relationship. It provides for the rush of excitement, the excitement of the chase and includes the benefits of a relationship, but without the commitment. There is no emotional involvement, but sex is definitely on the menu. Unlike a relationship, it is far easier to walk away from because there is no investment in it, and you are in it only to serve yourself. It is only and all about you.