Don’t Catch the Feelzies

Plainly put, a casual arrangement is an interim measure, until you are ready to move on to a proper relationship. It provides for the rush of excitement, the excitement of the chase and includes the benefits of a relationship, but without the commitment. There is no emotional involvement, but sex is definitely on the menu. Unlike a relationship, it is far easier to walk away from because there is no investment in it, and you are in it only to serve yourself. It is only and all about you.

25 Signs He’s Into YOU

If you don’t already know, or have not had the unfortunate experience of being launched into the dating scene after being in a long term relationship, then you will soon realise that the Relationship and Dating Scene is a place of Quicksand. For those of you who are there already, you will probably relate to … Continue reading 25 Signs He’s Into YOU

20 Signs He’s Just not that Into You

Women spend the wealth of their days analysing their relationships with the opposite sex to near death. If we are not talking about them, we are thinking about them or we pick at them. We have ladies’ nights in or ladies’ nights out. We spend time talking about the men who are not with us … Continue reading 20 Signs He’s Just not that Into You

The Hash Tag of 40+ Mature Dating

The beauty of dating when you’re very young is that you have very little to share in terms of long term relationships. When you’re very young, it’s just about the two of you, the romance, the fun, the mutual exploration. There is so much to talk about which does not involve personal relationship experience and … Continue reading The Hash Tag of 40+ Mature Dating